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What We Do

Rosecliff Investment Advice in New York

Rosecliff Capital delivers unbiased investment advice based on your specific needs – risk profile, cash flow needs, family issues, taxes, estate plan, and personal values. We invested in every client relationship to know you and serve you well.

Rosecliff Capital provides clients with an extensive network of legal, tax, and insurance specialists. Coordination is key to ensuring that all your providers are kept current with changes in your family’s finances and assuring appropriate services are delivered in a cost-effective manner.

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Who We Are

Rosecliff Independent Wealth Manager in New York

Rosecliff Capital is a New York City-based independent wealth management firm serving families across the United States. We provide our clients with comprehensive wealth management and family office services.

Our individually tailored investment solutions are designed to fit each client’s goals, needs, and values. Coupled with appropriate tax, estate and family strategies and highly personalized service, our clients have the peace of mind that their assets are being managed in a thoughtful, consistent manner.

Mission Statement

Rosecliff's Mission Statement

At our core, we believe in giving back to our country. One way we're doing it is by offering meaningful employment opportunities to veterans desiring a career in financial services. We are committed to earning the trust of our customers as we demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of Ethics, Morality, and Service.

We feel it is our privilege to work for you. Rosecliff Capital's attitude and long standing commitment has resulted in a trusting relationship with our clients unmatched in today's fast-moving world. Let us help you to define your goals, and then work to exceed them.